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When you know, you know.

Last year my oldest friend, not that she is really old but I have known her since I was 16 which now I'm 43 is a long time, gave me a cool bag of products for my birthday.

The products were from a company I'd never heard of before called.....

The GoodWash Company.

She told me how she'd been at a festival,wondered into a tent and found a stand where they had been selling their products alongside other stands that included -"those fancy you magazines you like". She explained about their ethos, how lovely they'd been and the fact that ,as well as the fact that everything smelt amazing, they made bath products for dogs (as well as humans) and to top it off supported local charities.

I was hooked.


The proof of the product is in the eating and the proof of a bath product is in the bathing.

So I ripped into my pampering treats with gusto and enjoyed them all week.

They were as my oldest and most brilliant friend predicted. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

So over the next few months I pottered off to the website, bought the full size versions of everything on a regular basis, followed them online and enjoyed learning about their mission to change the world with every wash, to wash and do good.

So I'm sure that you can imagine how flipping excited I was when they asked me to illustrate their social impact report for 2020. REALLY EXCITED and here it is below.

They have used it in their social media and online and it's on their website.

The point of this blog ? Well I thought it was a great reminder of -the power of recommendation from people we trust, that being kind and sharing our vision is super powerful, an amazing product that lives and breathes the promises it makes is essential, business can make the world a better place and that if you get all of this right,

as a customer, I can confidently say that falling in love with awesome brands is easy.

Oh and of course, if you'd like me to help you communicate your brand awesomeness in the form of an illustration, get in touch with me here or come and say hello online and take a look at my work and lets do the getting to know each other thing!

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