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The Virtues of Virtual (Assistance)

I think that over the coming months there will be much need for the small business owner to be able to access ad-hoc project support, to help them either with a major change in their business or with the launch of something new.

I love projects.

The beauty of projects is that they are time limited.

They can help you get a little further towards your business objectives without having to commit to taking on a whole new full time team, before seeing if something really has potential.They are a great place to improve processes as well as test things out in a meaningful way. Projects take some time and headspace to plan, but with clear objectives and milestones you can quickly get results.

The problem with doing everything yourself is that projects can also be a little heavy on the admin side , which can then mean that they either fall of off your list (then no progress within your business) or they are rushed through (potential the project may have had,can be lost).

Internal business projects are well suited to virtual workers as there are very clear goals to be worked towards which,with a sensible and cohesive brief from the business owner can then mean only a very light touch is needed between agreed check in points.

Anything from bringing all your reviews into one place and making them into online content for your social media ,online research for a new service, contacting customers about an event, arranging an event , creating and writing up your standard operating procedures and making a staff manual to creating templates for emails.

These are all great projects that can improve your business and can all be done by a super sensible virtual project worker like me without the commitment of full time administrative support.

If you have a project in mind look here for more details

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