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Side Project Shuffle

I have a little side project.

I wanted to do it for ages,

Kept putting it off, cos, well it probably isn’t really the

right time is it, what with, you know,everything that’s going on.

BUT,It was just a creative brain itch that I had to scratch.

So I’ve done it anyway.

I think that the little projects and creative things we dabble with on the side are important to our creativity and inspiration.

It's like the adult version of running round the playground into the wind, with our coats as a cape attached by the hood to our head and shouting woooohooo at the top of our lungs.

My side project is “The Doodle Apothecary”.

It’s a card shop.

Doodles on the front and ‘ happy word prescriptions’ on the back.

The backs are as nice as the fronts, so that when the recipient is bored of the picture, the silly words on the back can keep them smiling.


Art is good for us,

So are silly words.

Gestures of kindness like sending post and saying thanks are good for our health as well as the people on the receiving end.

I wanted it to exist, so I made it happen.

Do you have a creative side project that you have started this year?

We all need a creative run around the playground from time to time.

Especially now.

Have a look around my side project here

There's Christmas Cards! (Just Sayin)

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