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How to get inspired when you're feeling really stuck...

For those of you who don’t know, I have an Instagram page where most days I will post a doodle. They are pretty silly and lighthearted and getting more popular which is nice,though that isn’t really the point of this post.

The point is that having lots of ideas is something that I can do naturally BUT every now and then I get stuck, it's like the well dries up and I can’t seem to pluck anything out of my idea stream to play with.

But it’s okay.

Because I know what to do when this happens, I also have a contingency for when none of my usual hacks don’t work.

Working from home whilst great for lots of reasons, can sometimes lead us to feeling a little flat in the creativity department. So if you occasionally get stuck when you are coming up with ideas some of these might help…

1 – Walk away from your blank screen, blank page, blank canvas whatever. Walk away before it drains any more of what's left of your creative juices – we need to preserve what's left in there. WALK AWAY.

2 – Whilst walking away, maybe walk somewhere else at the same time. Go OUTSIDE,walk around the block, walk upstairs, move your body around a bit – I reckon there's something about blood flowing that helps dislodge creative blocks.

3 – Do something really bloody boring. Now's the time to put stuff away, hoover,look at your accounts, whatever bores you the most – Marie Kondo your pants, administrate your cat whatever, just do that now.

4 – Don’t say it Amy… no sod you I’m saying it…DOODLE. Yep try having a scribble on some paper, doodle how annoyed you are, doodle a process in your business, doodle anything. Do it on paper or the back of an envelope and with a pen or pencil or crayon. Set a timer, do it for 10 minutes. It engages other bits of your brain I reckon (behavioural scientists feel free to jump in here).

NOW, after a while go back and look at the thing again, no pressure mind, you need to be sneaky, look at the challenge that was causing you to go blank and loosely capture anything that comes to mind. I find a blank word document can help me with this as I just start typing and capture the essence, though I know some people find dictation really helpful. Then leave it alone. I MEAN IT. You can do all the refining and editing hoohah tomorrow when you read it back.


So this is when I deploy my extra ammunition to trigger my Inspiration.

1 – Have a day not reading anything online. Maybe you need to sit and marinate in your own thoughts without other people shouting at you online about their 20 figure months moneymaking system just from listening to their hearts and making a wish on the moon everyday or whatever. Which is fine, but when you are trying to consider your own shizzle, you need some quiet in the library of you.

2 – Read back old ideas, is there anything you can repurpose, are there any gems you can use to help you solve the challenge.

How do you or your team retrigger inspiration when tackling things that require creativity, passion and oomph to figure out?

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