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How to dance over the parked cars of your creativity...

Staying and feeling creative is sometimes really HARD.

The Internet can sometimes feel a bit like we’re all in the same room and the window isn’t open and maybe you’re sat right next to the radiator, getting a hot face and wondering if there are ANY MORE SNACKS other than this weird olive thing.

So we need to play which involves -

- Making stuff that’s fun but not always well executed (Pinterest is great for this)

- Experimenting with different materials or mediums

(if you draw- write a silly poem, if you write - doodle something etc)

- Work big, create a wall of ideas

- Not being overly concerned with making the finished outcome into "a thing"

- Do anything that makes us laugh

- Actively do things that bring us small bursts of joy.

I try to create like no-one is looking, which they won’t be unless I video myself and put it online, which I might do at some point but for the purpose of this-

No-one is looking!

Which makes it easier to start.

To loosen up.

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