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Fresh eyes and how to use them.

This week I haven't stopped thinking about the concept of "Fresh Eyes". I always remember a staff induction I had at a hospital where the new staff were given a presentation about quality improvement and that due to their " fresh eyes" they had an open invitation to approach with suggestions about how things could be better and to question why things were a certain way. Being told "because this is how we've always done it" wasn't considered to be an appropriate response. I immediately liked that because this was always something that grated me "just because" is only acceptable when it's your mum telling you (in my opinion).So I had a word with aunty google to back up my memories and found out there is also a very simple "Fresh Eyes" tool which in essence helps people explore a challenge from different perspectives in a bid to improve things and make them better, whilst this is generally for a large organisation,I really like the idea and think you could easily adapt this to working as a small business. Find out more here.

With a different kind of fresh eyes I dug out some of the processes in my business .

It's amazing how a bit of time and space and experience of doing the work can change initial thinking. August for VA-ink was spent reviewing things and looking for improvements.

Do you review your business administration processes? Are they working well for you? If a new person came into your business would they be easy to handover and manage?

However I think one of the best reasons to find a way to look at your business with fresh eyes, is that whilst it will help you get to grips with sticky points( historical workarounds, labour intensive processes etc ), it will also help you remember the good stuff, what is great about your business and why you started the whole journey in the first place.

Now my eyes, need to potter off, so they can come back and re-read this one more time before I hit publish.

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