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Being yourself never goes out of style

Drawing style is a funny old thing.

It sharpens up and emerges over time.

If you looked waaaaay down my Instagram you will see that how I draw has got cleaner but the core of my style hasn't really changed, just got bigger.

It's personal to me,

like my fingerprint or being ginger


writing in a certain way, not liking soaps particularly, or having an issue with the skin that forms on top of a hot chocolate.

It is what is.

Thats why I never take on jobs where people ask me to draw a certain way or "in the style of" someone else they have seen.

I have always just referred elsewhere.

It stings at the time, but I know it's for the best.

Take a look at my doodles on Instagram and Linked IN

and if you do like my style...

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