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5 things you won't need to do to start doodling

Doodling is one of the best habits you can ever have and is fairly easy to develop with a little focus. And I really do mean a little focus,like the smallest amount of focus. (I promise)

To start and maintain a doodling habit...

  • You won't need to set your face in grim determination (like I do just before I jump into the cold January sea)

  • Spend money on expensive "Kit" that you will need a masterclass in before you can actually use.

  • No-one will tell you "that's so bad for you" and give you subsequent healthy living lectures.

  • It won't sabotage your clean eating plans.

  • It won't require exhausting amounts of enthusiasm or energy to get going.

You will need,

A pen and piece of paper or digital version of that, thats it.


Doodle or draw for 10 minutes a day and let the habit grow.

What to draw can sometimes be a challenge, so just start with what's around you, a cup, your desk, your hand, a photo on your phone.

Start simple.

Notice how during these little 10 minute sessions you can get totally absorbed in the lines and the looking and enjoy the space this gives you from the news and all the other things there are to worry about right now.

Doodle at different times and whenever you feel like it.

You may occasionally get people tut at you in meetings when they notice you doodling, but lets face it if you set your screen up right on your next video call, no-one will be able to see anyway and actually doodling while listening can help you learn and take in the info, sooooooo - IT'S ALL GOOD!!!!!

I should also say that if you'd like some engaging business illustration to liven up your very good (but maybe not as engaging to look at at first glance) company report, find out more here.

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